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Rene Wadlow is the Representative to the United Nations, Geneva of the Association of World Citizens.

Below are the collected articles Wadlow has written for Toward Freedom.

Syria: The Need for Negotiated Peace Efforts

Simone Weil: Roots in the Ideal

Mali: Elections Terminated as Reconstruction Awaits

Garry Davis: “And Now the People Have the Floor”

A World Citizen Passport and Edward Snowden’s Catch 22

Egypt: A New Road Map to Where?

Russia and the Syria-Israel Border: Background on UN Peacekeeping Forces in Global Conflicts

Sri Lanka: Little Reconciliation Four Years After War’s End

France: ’68 Riots This May?

Chinua Achebe: A Reflection of When Things Fall Apart

Mali: Hijacked Autonomy and French Intervention

Damascus, Syria and the Tariqa: The Way by Initiation

The Silent Violence Against Women Worldwide

The Non-Aligned: Can States Structure a Fluid World Society?

Syria: Late in the Day, Are Negotiations Still Possible?

Francois Hollande: The Steep Path Ahead in France

French Elections Reveal Deeper Currents of Political Life

A New Mali Federation?

As Timbuktu Falls, What Future For Mali?

Syria: Opportunities and Limits of International Observation Efforts

Hungary and the EU: A Constitutional Crisis

Understanding South Sudan’s Independence

Palestinian Status at the UN: Breaking the Logjam

The Arrest and Coming Trial of Ratko Mladic: A Step Forward for World Law

Are Cluster Bombs Still in Use in Thai-Cambodian Fighting?

The Ivory Coast: Behind Laurent Gbagbo’s Last Stand

The Last Circle in Libya

Egypt: People’s Revolution on the March

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Looks East

Political Assassination: Lead up to African Independences

Preparing for South Sudan’s Crucial Referendum

Anti-Rom Measures in Europe Need to be Stopped

Can Elections Restructure Sudan for Peace?

Banning Cluster Bombs: Light in the Darkness of Conflicts

Guinea's Slaughter: UN Fact-Finding Tightens The Noose

For Europe - Politics is the Economy

Guinea: A Wave of Horror But No UN Action

A Dieu, Albert Bongo: Africa's Longest-Serving President Moves On

UN Highlights Sri Lanka Challenges

Moldova: Demonstrations Could Lead to Economic Changes

Al-Bashir and the ICC:The Shock of Responsibility

Sri Lanka: The Last Round?

Congo: Laurent Nkunda to the International Criminal Court?

Unfinished Tasks for the President of Europe

Banning Cluster Bombs: The Outlaws

Come Late, Leave Early: Russia-Georgia-Abkhazia-South Ossetia Negotiations

Non-Violent Peace Brigades: How Fast Can We Move?

Coming in From the Cold: UN Membership Needed for the Phantom Republics

Alexander Solzhenitsyn: 'Let us change our course!'

Justice and Genocide in Sudan

The Mediterranean-Black Sea Union: The Ship Sets Sail

Israeli-Hamas Truce: Bold Steps for Gaza

George Russell: The Song of the Greater Life

Rabindranath Tagore: Balancing the Local and the Universal

Crisis in Burma: A Constitution is More Than a Document

Worldwide Food Shortages: The Rich Have Already Eaten

Aimé Césaire: A Black Orpheus Puts Away His Lyre

Tibet: Universal Responsibility

Kosovo and Serbia: Behind the Mask of Nationalism

Phantom Republics: Front and Center After Kosovo Independence

Chad: Crossing the Chari

Sri Lanka: Efforts to Overcome a New Cycle of Violence

Death in Pakistan Politics

A Gaza Development Corporation

Post Annapolis: A Road Ahead?

Pakistan: It Could Get Very Messy

Citizen Diplomacy of Women: The New Cycle Begins

Michael Servetus: To Kill a Man Does Not Defend an Idea

World Food Day: No Day Off For Women

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